10 Easy And Healthy Kids Snacks

By Erica D'Arcangelo,

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I don’t know about any of you, but my 5-year-old has very interesting eating habits. She loves tilapia, Pad Thai and other things that I never thought a kid would enjoy, yet she doesn’t like some of the foods I grew up loving (pizza, hot dogs, chicken fingers, etc.) She generally has healthy eating habits, mostly because that is what food I provide for her, but also because the food she likes happens to be healthy. She often asks for fruits and vegetables, which makes me very happy.

There are some very easy and healthy snacks that I always have around the house for her. Granted, we do have desserts at times and even some candy once in a while, but as a parent I try to limit sugar as best I can. I’m sure other moms out there can understand and relate.

Here are 10 easy, healthy kids snacks that your child is sure to love:

Fruit Shapes

1.    Fruit – Cherries, apples, grapes, pears, blueberries, etc. Try using some fun cut-outs to make cute shapes out of bananas or melons. My daughter loves fruit, so we always have a fresh, organic fruit bowl in the house and she has a variety of different fruits every day.

2.    Ezekiel 4:9 Cinnamon Raisin Bread – I love this brand of sprouted grain bread, because it’s organic, vegan, and high in fiber. I will put Coconut Oil on this after I toast it or organic peanut butter and put it in her lunch for a late second breakfast or snack. If she wants something sweet, I put a bit of honey on it too. (Look for raw, organic,  locally-produced honey.)

Power of Fruit

3.   Power Of Fruit Bars – These are frozen fruit bars that are gluten free, have no added sugar and are all natural. Theyhave a variety of flavors and are a “good for you” popsicle. I keep every flavor of these in my freezer at all times. They are especially good with the summer months coming.

4.    Raw Veggies – My daughter loves raw veggies, especially organic colored carrots. I usually pick these upat the local organic grocery store here and they come in purple, orange and white. She likes the different colors and that all three taste a bit unique to each other. You could also try cut up pieces of broccoli or cauliflower and frozen peas.

Cheese and Cracker Fun

5.    Cheese And Crackers – This is an old favorite and something that I grew up on, but I change it up a little by usingorganic whole wheat or whole grain crackers and organic cheese. Organic cheese has more Omega 3s (good fats for the heart, joints, bones and teeth), more antioxidants and fewer chemicals. (Note: Chemicals are mostly stored in the fat, so non-organic cheese isn’t a great idea.)

Zucchini Chips


If you’re feeling adventurous, try replacing the crackers with zucchini or sweet potato chips. These are tasty and a great way to sneak more veggies into the mix.

6.    Smoothies – These are a breakfast and anytime snack favorite for my 5 year old. I use organic frozen bananas and almond milk and may throw other fruits in too depending on what she wants. I also throw in a handful of spinach. This way, my daughter gets a whole serving of vegetables without even knowing it, because it doesn’t throw the taste off.

7.    Hummus – This Middle Eastern spread is made from chickpeas, and there are lots of different kinds of organic hummus. It’s high protein and doesn’t have any ‘bad fats.’ Hummus is great on crackers as well as cut up veggies.

FAGE Greek Yogurt

8.    Greek Yogurt – At first I had trouble getting my daughter to eat this type of yogurt because it’s not overly sweet. We tried several kinds until one day we had FAGE Greek Yogurt. It is by far my daughter’s favorite, and it’s gluten free and very high in protein. In fact one serving of this 2% Greek yogurt has 20 grams of protein.

Frozen Yogurt Bar

The other cool thing about this product is that the yogurt is on one side and the fruit, honey, etc., is on the other. My daughter loves to mix them on her spoon, and the honey flavor is her favorite.

For an easy treat, try blending Greek yogurt and fruit and then freeze to make delicious home-made frozen yogurt pops.

9.    Sweet Potatoes – My daughter loves sweet potatoes. I often make them for dinner but they are also great for a snack. Using organic sweet potatoes, you can make tasty oven-baked fries or chips. Baked sweet potatoes are delicious when paired with Earth Balance buttery spread.


10.    Muffins – My daughter and I have cooking and baking time together a few times a week. I like to bake things that are delicious and healthy, so one of the things we make the most is muffins. I have a great low-sugar recipe for banana flax muffins. We also just made some great blueberry bran muffins (recipe coming soon!)

I love this snack because they are delicious and can have fruits, veggies and other nutritious ingredients baked right into them.

Try making some muffins with zucchini, sweet potato or quinoa. Apple carrot muffins are great too.


Note: All of the above snacks were approved by my 5-year-old.


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  1. Yeah Erica….love the article and tips…I may start eating healthy…where do I get those zucchini chips or how do I make them….they look awesome…aunt cyndi

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