Beach Day Workout

By Corina Froese,

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I work out every weekday morning. I generally skip weekends though, and when Monday morning rolls around it’s just that much harder to get going again.

To avoid this awful screeching halt, I developed this beach day workout a few weekends ago with some friends of mine. It’s challenging yet fun, and the ocean and sunshine offer their refreshing rewards for all your hard work. I think it’s important to make fitness a part of a healthy lifestyle–don’t restrict your workouts to the gym only.

All you need for this workout is a few reusable shopping bags, the beach and some sunshine! And yes, I did give the exercises cheesy ocean-themed names. I hope you have as much fun with this as I did!

Take Your Workout to the Beach

Farmer Walks

1. Surfer’s Carry (AKA Farmer’s Carry)

To Prepare: Fill your 2 larger reusable shopping bags with sand, about halfway (or however full you’d like… more sand = more challenging.) Then set a pathway of about 20-30 feet, and mark the beginning and end in the sand.

Lift the shopping bags straight up; drive through your heels. Engage your core, keep your chest upright and back straight. With your head up, take short, quick steps the full distance (there and back) as fast as you can.


Broad Jump

2. Sandy Broad Jumps

To Prepare: Create a ridge in the sand about 5 feet long.

Stand facing the sand ridge with your feet a

comfortable distance apart. Bend your knees slightly, swing your arms for a little momentum and jump over the ridge. This is a lot harder than it looks–the sand doesn’t help! Do this 10 times by jumping back and forth over your sand ridge.




3. Mermaid Dips

To Prepare: No preparation needed.

Lay on your side with your hand directly below your shoulder and your arm in a straight line. Stack your feet or scissor them, and place your other free hand behind your head (this encourages an open chest, i.e. more abdominal work.) Press down in your feet and push your body up–use your core–and dip up and down. Prepare for complete ab-domination. Do 15 on each side.




4. Sea Squats

To Prepare: Fill a small bag about half way with sand.

Squats are nothing new, but doing them at the beach certainly one way to increase the challenge and switch up your squat. The sand requires more balance and core usage, so be sure to keep your weight in your heels.

Proper squats begin with heels shoulder-width apart and are a motion just like sitting down in a chair. Keep your shoulders down and chest open. Focus on good form, and do 20-25.


Surf Burpees

Surf Burpees

To Prepare: Head into the surf (where the waves crash.)

Burpees are one of the most comprehensive exercises developed–they work almost every muscle group in the body. Doing them in the surf simply adds a little extra challenge, as the crashing waves test your balance a little more. Start by standing with feet hip-distance apart. The burpee is a sequence of motions:

a) Crouch down and jump your feet back into a plank.

b) Do a pushup.

c) Jump your feet back to a crouching position.

d) Jump high in the air, with arms extended straight over your head–this engages the abs.

Repeat the sequence 10 times.

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