gluten sensitivity

5 Ways To Deal With A Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten is a protein composite found in food that is processed from things like wheat, grains, rye, etc., and it has been the topic of a general food craze. Over the last few years, grocery stores have stocked their shelves with more and more gluten free (GF) choices, including everything from cereals to breads to   Read more 



Thai Panang Chicken

Thai food is definitely in the Top 10 list of foods I crave often. Because most Thai dishes are so rich in flavour and colour, you can get away with making them healthy in a number of different ways. I've been working on this panang curry chicken recipe for a while now. What started out   Read more 



benefits of pilates

5 Reasons We Love Pilates

Over the years I have struggled with back and neck issues, requiring frequent chiropractic visits, adjustments and even vitamin supplements. While the benefits of chiropractic care are many, I wanted to be in a position where I was so physically fit that I could just do a monthly ‘wellness’ adjustment. A year and a half   Read more