protein shakes

8 Healthy Protein Shake Recipes You’ll Love

Shakes always make a great snack option. Try any of these easy and healthy protein shake recipes before or after a workout, as a meal replacement or to satisfy a late night craving and read these tips on the different options for the type of shake that will work best for you. Protein Shake Basics   Read more 


Common Fitness Mistakes

10 Fitness Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Workouts

I've done the whole "sit in neutral" thing. I've stayed the same weight with an awesome "skinny fat" physique, and so I've learned through trial and error what NOT to do. If you've been working out like crazy and are not seeing results you had hoped for, there are a few possibilities of what could be   Read more 



Healthy Mexican food

Dinner Ideas: Healthy Mexican Food

If you're like me, it's 6:46p and you have no idea what you're making for dinner. So, without further introduction or rambling on, here is the absolute easiest, fastest healthy, low-carb Mexican dinner I've ever made. (Pretty tasty, too!) Disclaimer: I am not Mexican - not even close. I'm Canadian. I'm not one of those   Read more