Dinner Ideas: Healthy Mexican Food

By Corina Froese,

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Healthy Mexican food

If you’re like me, it’s 6:46p and you have no idea what you’re making for dinner. So, without further introduction or rambling on, here is the absolute easiest, fastest healthy, low-carb Mexican dinner I’ve ever made. (Pretty tasty, too!)

Disclaimer: I am not Mexican – not even close. I’m Canadian. I’m not one of those badass Spanish ladies who makes incredible home-made tortillas and tamales from scratch.

One Pan Healthy Mexican Food

Preparation: Start by prepping your tri-coloured peppers (unless you’re using pre-chopped frozen peppers), medium onion and raw chicken breasts. Your onion and peppers should be sliced into thin strips about a half-inch wide, and your chicken should be cut into into long strips about an inch thick.

1. Start by sauteeing your onions with a little olive oil and black pepper. Once the onions become aromatic and slightly transparent, throw your peppers into the mix. These should cook until they’re slightly charred on the edges (but not burnt!) and no longer crispy.

healthy mexican food

2. While the veggies are cooking, move on to prepping/washing your butter lettuce cups. Remove the heart from the head of lettuce by shoving your fingers into the base of the head of butter lettuce, twist and pull. Out comes the heart – voila! Wash and stack cups on a plate for use later.

3. Your veggies are probably done now. Grab your sliced chicken and throw it into the same pan on med-high heat. Throw in some garlic powder, a squirt of lime juice and some black pepper.

4. While that continues to cook, prep your super easy guacamole (see below for recipe) and boom! You’re done.

Serve with a garnish of lime and other accompaniments of your choice.

Super Quick Guacamole

super easy guacamole

If you can’t already tell, my cooking style is: throw it in a bowl and mix it around. And that’s what you’re about to do here. Granted, this is FAST guacamole. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the more involved guac, made with fresh garlic, onion, chiles, etc. But this takes 2 minutes and works great on a weeknight.

1. Throw the meat of a whole avocado into a bowl.

2. Then add: the juice of one lime, 3-5 shakes of garlic powder, a small handful of chopped cilantro, 4 diced cherry tomatoes and 5 turns of salt. (Add all to taste. The tomatoes add a nice pop of color and cilantro is essential for a little flavor.)

3. Taste it. Re-season. Enjoy!

Pan Healthy Mexican

 Cook Time: 20-30 minutes


Butter lettuce
Chicken breasts
Tri-colored peppers (frozen or fresh)
An onion
Some cherry tomatoes
Cilantro (if you have it)
garlic powder

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