New Year, New You: Ramona’s Inspiring Success Story

By Corina Froese,

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Inspiring Success Story - Weight Loss Transformation

When January hits, the gym is an explosion of new sign-ups, new clients and resolutions to get fit. The holidays are over and all that remains is Christmas weight gain, a factor which is GREAT for motivation, apparently! Unfortunately, this frenzy only lasts a few weeks (a month at most), and as the level of resolve and dedication gradually declines, the “newbies” stop showing up. This is inevitable, right? Wrong. Case in point: Ramona Masi.

A self-labeled fitness junkie, Ramona is one of the most dedicated gym fanatics I’ve ever seen. I met her at our local Anytime Fitness. Our meeting was inevitable because there are few people that come to the gym religiously every day, and she is one of them.

Her inspiring success story reminds me of what Fresh Healthy & Fit stands for. “Tomorrow is always fresh,” means every day you have the power to start anew, no matter what happened the previous day.

Health, and weight loss is such a personal journey. Ramona has been kind enough to share her story with us, and in her words I hope you find the fitness motivation you need to keep getting up each time you fall.

Where did your journey begin? What inspired your transformation, and how did you get started?

Ramona 2012“My journey began in August 2013. I was in my early 40s and decided to go to the doctor (which I’ve always avoided). I was having some numbness in my hands, like they were falling asleep. I was afraid it might be diabetes, especially since it runs in my family, and my knee was bothering me. It hurt to walk. I was always out of breath quick. Luckily after blood work I found out I didn’t have diabetes, but I saw the number on that dreaded scale. I thought I knew what I weighed before going to the doctors but I came to find out it was actually more.

“I started by trying to change my eating habits and by trying to exercise by walking which was working slowly. I tried some meal replacement shakes but I always felt hungry and they were costly. I needed more, so I decided to join a gym. That went well and I lost some more weight and was exercising more. Then I decided to get a personal trainer because I felt like I need that help. I had no clue what I was doing in the gym and I needed some direction and motivation, and I had a lot of questions. Best decision I ever made.”

Ramona's Inspiring Weightloss TransformationCould you give a summary of your overall progress thus far? 

“So far I’ve lost 132 lbs. My diet consists of oatmeal , egg whites, chicken or turkey (I don’t like seafood), veggies and carbs (sweet potatoes, quinoa or brown rice). No soda, fried foods, breads or dairy. As far as energy levels, I don’t even know how to explain – total night and day. I can’t tell you when I’ve ever had this much energy. I’m a very emotional person. My emotions have been all over the place through my journey and still are. There have been a lot of highs and some lows, just part of the journey I guess. This whole transition is so much more of a mental thing than a physical one.”

What is your most valuable measure of progress? Is it the number on the scale, or the fact that you feel different now? Have more energy?

“My most valuable measure of progress I think would be for me would have to be the number on the scale. Yes I feel and look different and my energy is through the roof compared to what it was before. But because I’ve battled with this you might as well say my whole life, the number on the scale is my most valued measure.”

What are you most proud of about your accomplishments over the last year or so?

“That I’m still doing it. Still hungry for life. That I haven’t quit like I have numerous times in the past. That I’m having a blast and it really is a lifestyle.”

Inspiring Weight Loss Success StoryWhat piece of advice would you give to others who want to make a change in their life for better health as you have?

“That it really is a mind game. You need to train your mind, not your body. You have to really want it. The first step is truly the hardest. You will fall, but don’t just lie there – get up as many times as it takes.”

What’s next for you? What are your goals for the new year?

“Next is to live life to the fullest and do the things I was always afraid to do or couldn’t because of my size. I intend to reach my goal weight of 140lbs in 2015 and remain healthy. No limits!”

Read more about Ramona’s inspiring weightloss transformation (and samples of her daily routine and meal plans), which was recently highlighted by Celsius!

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