5 Tips for Overcoming Heartbreak    

By Erica D'Arcangelo,

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Heartbreak and break-ups are difficult no matter the circumstance. Whether it’s a marriage, a long-term or even a short-term relationship ending, feelings of loss and failure can easily surface that seem unmanageable and out of control. So what are some tips for handling heartbreak and persevering through difficult situations?

How to Handle Heartbreak

We’ve all been there… having something end that causes heartbreak, sadness and loss. But the trick is; how does one face the situation and come out the other side? Here are 5 tips:

1. Spend some time alone.

Many times with heartbreak comes change. Often, partners feel they cannot live without each other and when one or the other leaves there is a feeling of fear and emptiness. But this change can also be beneficial because it also allows one to have some time alone, gives him or her some independence and ‘time to breath.’ After days, weeks or sometimes months that time and space can become a valued and necessary part of anyone’s day.

2. Decide what you want to change.

One of the most empowering things about heartbreak is that it can give an individual time to take a step back and look at what he or she did in the past that they want to change in the future. Taking responsibility for past problems can help someone to move on and change behaviors.

3. Be positive.

Even though it can be difficult, especially at first, staying positive can truly help when dealing with a loss or break-up. Helping someone else, getting out and enjoying life can assist in creating a positive attitude. Focus on doing things that make you happy: i.e., being with friends, exercise, cooking or whatever it is that helps you to remain positive.

4. Blow off steam.

Another tip for handling heartbreak is to find an activity that helps to ‘blow off steam.’ For some that means going to the gym, for a walk or a run. Find a positive outlet to use energy and focus on something else besides the loss. Some even dive into work with more force and drive than ever before.

5. Give it time.

Nursing a broken heart can take time. Give yourself the time to be able to make changes in your life and create it in a way that makes you happy. Then you can truly be happy no matter what future you plan to create.

It can also be beneficial to spend more time with family and other loved ones during this time as a support system for getting over a major loss.

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