How to Make Healthy Popsicles at Home

By Erica D'Arcangelo,

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Summer is nearly here and what better way to celebrate it than with popsicles! Unfortunately, many store bought popsicles are loaded with sugar, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. After reading the labels and buying the healthiest popsicles at the store I still limit how many my daughter because I’m concerned about the sugar intake alone.

So, what’s the solution? Homemade popsicles that are both dairy free and have no refined sugar. And, this is one of the easiest recipes even my 8-year-old can put together easily!

Healthy, Homemade Popsicle Recipes

Here’s what you need:

  • Assorted fruit – bananas, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, oranges and even lemon juice for lemon creamsicles.
  • One can of organic coconut milk.
  • Agave, honey or maple syrup (your choice). Liquid stevia is also optional.

1. Mix the can of coconut milk with 2 tablespoons of your chosen sweetener.

2. Cool and add to a pourable container.

3. Cut up your fruit and put it in separate bowls.

4. Add chosen fruit to popsicle molds (about a quarter inch full).

5. Pour coconut and sweetener mix into molds.

6. Add more assorted berries.

7. Freeze for 20 minutes then add sticks (we use the wooden sticks that you can purchase at grocery or even art and craft stores for just a few dollars for several hundred of them).

8. Freeze for 4-6 hours then enjoy!

For Lemon Creamsicles use the coconut and sweetener mix with 3 tablespoons of chosen sweetener and ¼ cup of lemon juice.

The Best Homemade Popsicle Flavors

With this recipe you can make nearly any popsicle flavor. Here are a few of our favorites:

Cherries & Cream

Blueberries & Cream

Strawberries & Cream

Mixed Berry

Lemon Creamsicle 

We’ve just started experimenting with fudgesicles as well as coffee pops (decaf for me) and a peanut butter banana pop with Nuts ‘n More spread. We plan to enjoy these cool, healthy, and refreshing treats for the rest of this hot Florida summer and we hope you do too!

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